Due diligence: verification and analysis of production facilities

This service is the utmost expression of our business: it’s targeted to economic agents (companies, banks, private investment funds, etc.) that wish to obtain prior verification of the compliance of production facilities with the environmental legislation in force and of the condition of the ecological systems.

In many cases, the analysis is carried out by us in preparation for the acquisition, sale, or transfer of industrial facilities. 

Based on the degree of analysis required, our staff can:

  • Check the adequacy of the urban setting for the production business;
  • Check the authorization status of the facility in question and its level of compliance with the regulations imposed by the legislation in force;
  • Assess correspondence between the actual situation and the authorization status;
  • Check the adequacy of the purification plants and ecological systems for the requirements and production capacity;
  • Assess any investments for the adaptation of the site to meet regulatory and production requirements.
  • Carry out feasibility studies regarding the installation, positioning, relocation, and dismantling of systems and equipment, developing a time schedule for actions, where required