Companies whose papers are in order

The national regulatory framework regarding the environment and ecology is constantly evolving and varies profoundly at both a regional and provincial level.

Thanks to the experience and constant professional training of our team, we can provide companies with technical bureaucratic support to effectively fulfill the obligations imposed by the regulations in force.


The regulatory compliance control areas cover laws concerning:

  •  Commencement notices;
  • Integrated Environmental Assessments (IEA), Single Environmental Assessments (SEA), and verification of whether subject to Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and/or Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA);
  • Industry permits other than those referred to in the previous point (discharge to the ground, emissions pursuant to Article 272, paragraph 2, etc.);
  • Noise impact;
  • Recycling, storage, and disposal of industrial wastes;
  • Characterization plans, underground tanks and remediation, asbestos

We carry out a preliminary verification of the situation, analyze the current state, and subsequently plan the work required to achieve the objectives.

The phases of action include: