Supervision and consultancy: a word from the experts

We’ve been environmental specialists since the late-nineties: our vast experience in the field, combined with constant technical training, enables us to provide more efficient solutions in the area of ecological treatments for all industrial sectors.

We work closely with our clients, making a series of periodic visits (the frequency of which varies based on the company’s needs) and sharing technical information (reports and meetings).

Technical management and supervision of the ordinary operation of environmental systems

Environmental management consulting at both a strategic level and for specific issues

Development of systems for the monitoring and control of plant operating phases and the building of a series of indicator parameters required to cut and optimize maintenance costs

Staff education and training at all corporate levels (executive, technical, and operational)

Assistance in ongoing relations with the competent authorities

Technical-economic assessment of the main utility supply contracts (water and energy supply, wastewater removal, and purification)

Identification of the most suitable field instruments for monitoring the parameters most at risk

Assessment, interpretation, and management of analytical results