Management of soil, subsoil, and asbestos remediation

We provide clients with the technical advice needed to manage soil/subsoil issues on an active, closing, or decommissioned industrial site.

The service we offer meets the most diverse needs, ranging from preliminary investigations “behind closed doors” to the proper technical bureaucratic management of a “contaminated site” pursuant to Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent amendments and additions.

Formulation of a preliminary investigation plan with the interpretation of the results obtained from the monitoring campaign and the outline of a subsequent intervention strategy.

Development of risk analysis models.

Drafting of projects to restore safety or decontaminate sites.

Assistance in relations with the relevant authorities for each of the items set out above.

Our firm’s founder has also developed and patented Soilution, a technology for the on-site reduction of hexavalent chromium in phreatic zones. 

Finally, we assist with all issues related to underground tanks (inspections, discontinuation with or without removal, restoration, design, etc.) and to the presence of compact and/or friable asbestos in buildings.